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Our Partners

Partners that we have had the pleasure to work with

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We can't fit all of our partners in such a small space, click here to see them all!…

York Blockchain Development and Research Society

These are the largest Blockchain research organisation in York. They are endorsed by the University of York and hold frequent, interesting events. We have worked with them to organise many of their largest events involving several guest speakers!…

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Types of events we organise

We help organise major events tailored towards both developers and students, with the intention to give both a high level overview of blockchain and the industry as well as providing more in-depth technical knowledge.

We believe that unbiased knowledge regarding the potential of the technology can be useful to any motivated professional, regardless of their field of discipline.

  • Talks

  • Technical Workshops

  • Expert Panels

Sponsorship and Training

Our events produce a gathering of the brightest and most motivated individuals in the Blockchain space in the region where they occur. We provide the opportunity for a select few organisations to advertise themselves some of our events.

Advertising methods can include logos on posters and slides of talks, banners at events and even booths outside events in post-event networking spaces.

Advertisements are used to help expand the group and invest in organising ever more events.

When developers meet our standards as blockchain developers or blockchain consultants, we assist them in gaining contracts. Please contact us if your organisation is searching for a blockchain developer or wishes to obtain in-house blockchain theory or blockchain development training.