Dragon's Den - Blockchain Edition!

York Blockchain and York Science Conferences event in collaboration with Northern Blockchain Group

An exciting first for the Northern Blockchain Group here. We collaborated with the York Blockchain Society and York Science Conferences to test one of our new workshop formats.

An introductory talk on blockchain and smart contracts was provided by Vishal Soomaney, the President of the York Blockchain Society to a filled room of 40 workshop participants. Several detailed examples and applications of blockchain were then showed for a host of different industries ranging from the world of finance to insurance and even supply chain systems!

The fierce competition then began, teams of 5-6 participants were tasked with coming up with a proposal which applied blockchain to solve a specific problem in some industry. Solutions were to be judged by a panel of judges selected from the Northern Blockchain group, York Blockchain Society and York Science Conferences. The ideas that participants came up with and the detail with which they thought their solutions through went well beyond all our expectations! We expect some of those present here may very well become founders of some of the revolutionary blockchain based solutions of the next decade.

We look forward to polishing this workshop up and doing it again with many of our other partners in the near future!